Self-portrait of Indian Landscape Photographer Minhajul Haque
Self-portrait of Indian Landscape Photographer Minhajul Haque

Minhajul Haque is a visual artist and an expressionist; specialized in natural light and fine art landscape photography. He is also the author and the creator of this website.

After studying science, he graduated in Computer Application in 2011. It is during his master’s degree he found himself deeply interested in fine art landscape photography. Staying close to nature is also something he longed since his early days.

As he says, “Nature is what I am drawn into. It is the primary source of my inspiration which fills my heart with wonders, puts my mind into order, and refreshes my body with vitality. This is the very essence of beauty and harmony. Photography enables me to capture it in unique ways that create the deepest impact on our ever-changing emotions.”

After some serious considerations, he began to teach himself all the art and crafts of fine art landscape photography by studying the masters’ works and by trial-and-error to acquire the skills necessary for it. He has now developed a style of his own that intrigues others by showing ethereal and surreal appearances of this world.

Artist Statement

As a child raised in rural India, nature has always been a great interest. But I hardly gave any value to it; all my life I was trying to be to what most Indian parents encourage their children to be. Perhaps, it is a commonly known profession like doctor, engineer or lawyer and even better if it is a government job.

Living a life that we want to live may get very complicated if it must seek external validation. Therefore, I was about to follow the crowd unless I had a nervous breakdown that brought me home, to my village. I badly needed some time alone to reconcile my relationships with everything else and I believed what happened, happened for a purpose that had been asking for my attention for a long time than a doctor’s prescription.

Unless we occupy our minds with complaints, no matter what we go through in life, the very time makes us capable of something which cannot be done at other times. I still wonder how I got all the courage to move beyond who I was at the time I was going through such a crisis which became a question of my survival. I felt the very essence of starting my life in a very different way, the way I’m intended for, the way I can enjoy my life and give away a part of it.

Eventually, all the emotional and financial threats for being confused, hopeless and purposeless suggested me to not to think too much and live each day as a separate life. I made it a rule. It taught me how to make the most out of my days using things that were available to me than things that were at a distance. So, I started enjoying the rural landscape again.

Naturally, everything began to change as I began to experience my life as absolutely fundamental with great clarity. I came to realize about my responses to the complex social practices and to the elementary things that surround me. Maybe it was an awareness of human comprehension that came from my consciousness.

Although I was late to understand the necessity of uniqueness and individuality, I busied myself with cultivating my neglected characters that manifested themselves as awkwardness at an early age. I wanted them back. I wanted me to its purest form possible that was almost destroyed in the environment of superstition and ignorance.

It was July 2013, I decided to start my life over and everything went against my family. I realized that no matter what we chose to do even which doesn’t violate others’ rights, we are going to be criticized. Everybody wants you as they are. Yet they look for new possibilities in our life and culture.

However, in the interest of all concerned, I went ahead, quit college, hooked on nature photography, and gave up a career as a software developer. Then I managed to buy a used camera and started photographing my neighboring places along the riverside.

Seeing nature with a camera eventually became a whole lot of different experiences. I fell in love with it very quickly as it showed me the quiet, secret, and strange appearances of the world that tell us about love and serenity. I picked it, to avoid my poor translation, and became restless in order to make it a medium of my expression.

Where tradition is encouraged creativity is discouraged.

It was a technological innovation of Niépce, Talbot, Bayard, and Daguerre that gave birth to photography. But progressive enhancement and operational simplicity of camera technology have made photography one of the most important cultural forms of the modern world. Back in history, it was just a commercial interest to make this technology available to all the people with less complexity, so that people can capture the stories of their own lives with minimum effort and cost.

The very idea brought Kodak Brownie in the 19th century. But it was not a tool for visual artists. Photography became a controversial medium of fine art. Artists struggled to understand whether they should consider it as a science or as an art. Unlike painting, photography is analytical which also significantly restricted the freedom of the artists. They demanded more control over this medium to reach their mind’s vision which has brought us the modern Digital SLR.

Photography is a science of light and art of envisioning.

Art makes the personal universal.” Whether it is music, poetry or a painting, it has one common goal to externalize the internal feelings. A sense of art is as important as science, philosophy or religion. Science is the human intellect that dissects or demystifies the myths, religion gives us spiritual enlightenment, technology helps us to live ahead of time and art brings harmony and beauty in them.

Beauty always signifies peace and is often considered to be one of the greatest sources of happiness that we now hardly realize for being surrounded by ugly sights of industries, gigantic machines, and randomly thrown away garbages. Like a moral or ethical sense, the aesthetic sense has vanished in most people.

Photography has always been what photographers wanted it to be, since, it was invented. For me, it’s getting to know about nature which always surprises us, with its beauty and spirit.

My goal is, to establish a rich and sustainable relationship with it, in a sense of wonder. Since the camera can take us beyond the biological restrictions of our vision which reveal the strangeness of this world. I’m haunted by its breathtaking wonders which fill my heart and tell me more about my liabilities.

Photography teaches you to see. It brings you a great sense of wonder.