Alakesh Ghosh

Alakesh Ghosh came from Burdwan, a small town of West Bengal, India. He loves to travel. From there, love grows by taking pictures of him. He has been wandering for more than twenty years and still does. He regularly participates in photographic salons around the world. He has been conferred AFIP distinction in 2018 and EFIP in the next year. One of his works “Trust and peace” for the award of merit in 2018 color image of the year from Photographic Society of America (PSA). He also achieved AFIAP distinction.

Sahidul Haque

Prof. Sahidul Haque is an Indian artist known and loved for his rural pictures. His engrossing passion for the creation of art gave birth to an extraordinary vision and brought him a new way of seeing. Within a few years, he won the Second Prize in 7th UNESCO Photo Contest in Asia and the Pacific, Gold Medal of the Pictorial Print Division of the Photographic Society of America, Second Prize in Vienna Art Photography Contest, Silver Medallion of The National University of Singapore along with many Govt. awards in India. Besides, he held many solo exhibitions in Calcutta and New Delhi.

Saroj Malick

I am Saroj Malick living in a small town called Bardhaman, a hundred kms away from Kolkata. I love to travel places feeding my eyes with the changing but everlasting beauty of Nature and watching the versatility and diversity of human life, specially the life of the labours. The world, I feel, is an architecture of the laborious hands ; the paths of it are filled with the footprints of labours. I've also felt that many words dissipate from the mind of a poet ; many colors fade away from the mind of a painter ; many tunes & beats & rhythms fly away from the heart of a musician ; many fetuses disappear from the wombs before touching their parents' lap... But where do they dissolve? They, I believe, find shelter in the elements of the universe & express themselves to be some exquisite impressionistic images or shadows. These are the language of the universe. I roam about in the quest for those images or shadows. I try to communicate with them through my lenses & capture them in my Camera, a replica or representative of my mind. My photographs are the language of the Earth.