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Mosaicked Ripples - Abstract Expressionistic Intimate Artwork in Limited Edition Pigment Prints Canvas or Matte Paper by Minhajul Haque
All Color Images

A collection of best color photographs by fine art nature and landscape photographer Minhajul Haque. Explore the beauty of the nature that he fell in love with and found a joy in it.… Read More

Fading In Fading Out - Long Exposure Black and White Intimate Rural Landscape Photography Artwork in Limited Edition Pigment Prints on Canvas or Matte Paper by Minhajul Haque
All B&W Images

A collection of best black and white photographs by nature and landscape photographer Minhajul Haque. Explore his breathtaking black and white fine art collection.… Read More

Image of Camera Film
Digital Negative, The Archival Raw Format

If you are digital shooter who use Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom I’m sure you have encountered DNG. You may be wondering what actually is it?, or what is it used for?, or why in the world should I convert my original raw image to DNG developed by adobe where it has its own vendor specific raw format?… Read More

Self-hosted Wordpress Website
Self-hosted WordPress Website

Having a full featured e-Commerce website is one of the most essential tools for all artists who want to sell their artwork mainly prints and digital downloads online. There are already a lot of good communities or image hosting companies like SmugMug or PhotoSeller or many others who do all the work for you to get your website up and running. But if you like to have full control over your website and its design, this article might be helpful for you.… Read More

Image of Keyword
Keyword Essentials for Digital Photographers

Keywords are what lie in the heart of metadata which makes your images available to the search engines. The concept of keyword may go across all kinds electronic files but the fundamentals of keywording remain the same. Properly keyworded photographs will benefit you in many different ways. Eventually the idea of keyword takes you to the area of automation. If you are a high-range digital shooter it will make your life easier and it is the key element that will fetch you money when you are in the stock photography business.… Read More

Gold Field - Limited Edition Artwork by Minhajul Haque. A Photography Print Made with Love and Passion to Make You Feel Special and Serene. Here in This Image, It Is an Interior Scene with the Wall Art Print. Buy Limited Edition Pigment Prints of Artistic Nature and Landscape Photos for Your Home and Office Interiors. Bedroom Wall Art, Dining Room Wall Art, Living Room Wall Art, Kitchen Wall Art, Bathroom Wall Art, Kid's Room Wall Art, Office Wall Art, and Sitting Room Wall Art for Sale Online in India
The Fundamentals of Color Theory

Color is one of the main components of light besides its angle and intensity. Color exists because of light; where there is no light, there is no color. We see colors because light waves strike an object and they are reflected back into our eye. Some of the light waves are absorbed by the object and some of them are reflected back which determines the color of the object. What makes this subject more complex is not the science of color rather the our perception of color. Additionally, digital imaging technologies introduce other problems since digital cameras, scanners, monitors and printers do not handle color in the same way. It’s imperative that you must understand how computer and you see color, to obtain or maintain consistency. Besides, technical accuracy, developing an eye for color will also help you to make more creative decisions.… Read More

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