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Photography As a Form of Art

Morning Stream - Intimate Fine Art Photograph of Waterfall in Limited Edition Pigment Prints on Canvas and Matte Paper by Minhajul Haque

Why do many people find it difficult to consider photography as a form of art? Because it is not inherently a medium of art. If we look at the origin, the camera was just a productivity tool for scientists and media to capture a scene with the help of a button rather than holding a scene into their memory and then recalling it later in order to lay it on a piece of paper. It saved a lot of time for them and made the information somewhat realistic.

However, the curious among us stepped further and took it to the extent of visual art. Throughout the ages art, to be more specific visual art, has been ‘the exclusive preserve of a few professionals’. And the common people think that they have nothing to do with it. In this seminar, we will discuss why art is so necessary for all ─ poor or rich, educated or uneducated, professional or commoner.

Photography As a Form of Art
Photography As a Form of Art

Subhankar Das, an assistant teacher of Painta J. M. High School, is highly inspired by his recent interest in creative photography and he wants to establish a sense of art among his fellow people. He has organized a seminar on “Photography As a Form of Art” in his school with the cooperation of the headmaster Mr. Shanti Prasad Nandi and his other associates.

To fulfill the purpose of this seminar he has invited Minhajul Haque ─ a fine art landscape photographer and instructor of creative photography ─ and Alakesh Ghosh ─ an enthusiast in creative landscape and outdoor portrait photography ─ who is having honourable acceptance in many national and international salons throughout the world.

Join us and learn the art of seeing that affects our daily life.

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