Warming Sunrise – Landscape Photography Artwork in Museum-Grade Limited Edition Pigment Print (Canvas/Matte Paper)

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Warming Sunrise is a landscape photograph featuring a spectacular view of the Himalayas during sunrise. The photography artwork is available for sale in limited-edition prints on canvas or fine art matte papers.

  • Long-lasting, museum-quality, and exhibition-ready archival pigment prints.
  • Adds an instant drama with rich tones, vivid colors, true contrast, and sharp details.
  • Water-resistant,…

This item is managed and sold by its current owner . All original artworks hand-signed by the artist and comes along with a certificate of athenticity.

Any reproduction or open-edition artwork does not include a certificate of authenticity, not does it come with an artist's signature.

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Warming Sunrise is a limited edition landscape photography artwork by Minhajul Haque. Fine art, since it stands for its beauty and elegance, it gives you a timeless experience. What separates it from other kinds of artworks, is the meticulous and thoughtful execution of the artist’s imagination. Fine art is not a factual representation of a real-life scene. As imagination is the reflection of our sensory experience. Here the artist dwells in a territory unknown to others and analyzes his sensory perceptions and their emotional responses to certain things to evoke the same experience in the viewers’ minds through his artwork.

Warming Sunrise is a landscape photograph featuring a spectacular view of the Himalayas during sunrise. This photography artwork is available in limited edition pigment prints on canvas and matte paper.
Warming Sunrise is a landscape photograph featuring a spectacular view of the Himalayas during sunrise. This photography artwork is available in limited edition pigment prints on canvas and matte paper.

The creation of such artworks often takes weeks or even months, from finding a feasible scene to the final print. Thus when presented, artwork no longer remains a flat sheet of paper or canvas. It becomes a window to the world that allows you to relive the experience and discover its beauty.


Pigment Prints Made with High-Quality Archival Materials

We use high-quality archival materials for our limited edition pigment prints. We print them on acid-free and lignin-free museum grade archival artist canvas or professional fine art matte paper using a high-end pigment-based large-format inkjet printer. These combinations of archival mediums, archival pigment inks, and printing technology help us produce the desired contrast, rich tone, and vivid colors that instantly create a drama in your interior. See all the technical details of the print mediums that we use to print the artwork below.

[accordion][pane title=”HP Artist Matte Canvas with Pigment Inks”]

HP Artist Matte Canvas is ideal for printing high-quality fine art pigment prints. This stretchable canvas has a slightly textured, matte surface for real artistic quality and produces water-resistant prints with HP pigment inks.

Weight Grammage 380 g/m2 per ISO 536 Test Method
Thickness/Caliper Thickness/caliper 18 mil/457 microns per ISO 534 Test Method
CIE whiteness CIE whiteness 120 per CIE Ganz 82 Test Method, 125 per ISO 11476 Test Method, 123 per ISO 11475 Test Method
Brightness 92% per TAPPI T-452 Test Method, 100% per ISO 2470 Test Method
Opacity Opacity Greater than 98% per TAPPI T-425 Test Method
Finish Not applicable
Waterfastness Yes with Original HP 70 Vivera pigment inks or HP 91 Vivera pigment inks
Fade Resistance (indoor) Testing 200+ years using Original HP 70 Vivera pigment inks, HP 91 Vivera pigment inks, or HP 83 UV pigment inks
Fade resistance (commercial window) Testing 3+ years unlaminated using Original HP 70 Vivera pigment inks
Country of Origin Product of US

[/pane][pane title=”HP Premium Matte Photo Paper with Pigment Inks”]

Experience a premium touch with this heavy, matte-finish photo paper with elegance and smooth finish. Enjoy lustrous highlights and rich details.

Weight (without liner) 200 g/m² per ISO 536 Test Method
Thickness 264 microns /10.4 mil per ISO 534 Test Method
Opacity 98% per TAPPI T 425 Test Method
Brightness 100% per TAPPI T-452 Test Method
Whiteness 130 per CIE Ganz 82 Test Method
Finish Matte
Operating Temperature 15 to 35° C / 59 to 95° F
Operating Humidity 20 to 80% RH
Display Permanence (Indoor home or office) 200+ years away from direct sun with Original HP 91 or HP 70 Photo Inks; 100+ years with Original HP 83 UV inks
Display Permanence(Commercial in-window) 3+ years laminated, 1+ year unlaminated with Original HP 91 Photo Inks; 1+ year unlaminated, 2+ years laminated with Original HP 771 Vivid Photo Inks; 1+ year unlaminated, 1+ year laminated with Original HP 70 Photo Inks or HP 83 UV inks
Water Resistance Water-resistant using Original HP 91 or HP 70 Photo Inks or Original HP 83 UV inks
Storage Temperature 0 to 40° C / 32 to 104° F
Storage Humidity 5 to 95% RH
Environmental FSC-certified papers, and recyclable
Country of Origin Product of France

[/pane][pane title=”HP Professional Satin Photo Paper with Pigment Inks”]

Experience the photographic artwork on an outstanding, heavyweight, and resin-coated photo paper. This heavyweight photo paper (275 g/m2) also provides increased stability for handling, and the bright-white finish produces a high dynamic range and a wide color gamut for color-critical, eye-catching reproductions on a satin finish.

Weight 235 g/m² per ISO 536 Test Method
Thickness 232 microns/9.1 mil per ISO 534 Test Method
Opacity 96% per TAPPI T-425 and ISO 2471 Test Methods
Brightness 90% per TAPPI T-452 and ISO 2470 Test Methods
Whiteness 90 per ISO 11476 Test Method
Finish Satin
Operating Temperature 15 to 30° C / 59 to 86° F
Operating Humidity 30 to 80% RH
Display Permanence (Indoor home or office) 200+ years. Display permanence rating for interior displays/away from direct sunlight, under glass by HP Image Permanence Lab and/or by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. on a range of HP media
Display Permanence (Commercial In-window) 1+ years unlaminated with HP Vivid Photo Inks, 1 year unlaminated with HP Photo Inks and HP 83 UV inks. Interior in-window display ratings by HP Image Permanence Lab on a range of HP media. HP predictions based on test data under Xenon-Arc illuminant—calculation assumes 6,000 Lux/12 hr day.
Water Resistance Yes. Water resistance testing by HP Image Permanence Lab on a range of HP media and follows ISO 18935 method.
Storage temperature 18 to 30° C / 64 to 86° F
Storage humidity 35 to 55% RH
Country of Origin Product of Germany
Recyclability HP Everyday Pigment Ink Satin Photo Paper is PEFC certified as a paper that supports responsible forest management worldwide. And this paper is recyclable through many commonly available recycling programs. In North America and Asia (including Japan), recyclable in consumer collection systems that can accept mixed paper (may not be recyclable in your area); in Europe recyclable in consumer collection systems that accept liquid packaging.


The artwork is available on two different types of matte papers, the HP Premium Matte Photo Paper, and the HP Professional Satin Photo Paper. If you are unable to understand the difference, then consider the HP Premium Matte Photo Paper as a pure matte paper and HP Professional Satin Photo Paper as a semi-matte paper, that has a little glossy finish. Unlikely, the glossiness of this HP Professional Satin Photo Paper is not reflective, and often undetectable.

The artist makes this decision. It depends on what works best with the artwork and its subject matter. Some artworks work best with a pure matte finish, and some require a little dazzling effect of the semi-matte, as a supplement. Still, if you have a personal preference, please mention it in your Order’s Note on the checkout page. We will not charge you anything extra for this.

Some of these critical details like, the print media, ink type, the brand, and model of the inkjet printer that we use to create the artwork are mentioned in the certificate of authenticity that you will receive with our limited edition prints. If you still have any specific questions about the technical specifications, feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to provide you all the details. So you can make an informed decision.


All Limited Edition Prints are Hand-Signed and Numbered

Whether you are adding our artworks to your collection or planning to decorate your home or office interiors, you have the choice for different print sizes. We do have a small size open edition print with most of our artworks.

Since one cannot experience all the details of artwork online, this open edition print helps the most discerning collectors as a proof, who want to see the quality of the artwork in person before collecting a larger one. It also helps minimize the risk of investing in an artwork that you do not find satisfactory and guide you to get a piece that you love.

So, we do not compromise the quality, use the same high-quality material, and pigment inks for the open edition prints. It is also a wonderful way to see how functional it can be in your space.

Of course, one can exchange the artwork with a large-size limited edition print within the specified return period if he finds it satisfactory or as promised. Or if you are collecting the artwork for merely decorative purposes, you can also choose our open edition prints. Please note, we do not sign and provide any warranty, seal, or certificate of authenticity with our open edition pigment prints.

The artwork is available in varied sizes, mediums, and editions. The size of the artwork referrers to the image area. The specific number in the edition referrers to the number of prints the artist has promised. A limited-edition print of 5 means, the artist will not create more than 5 copies. All the limited-edition prints are hand-signed, numbered, and include a certificate of authenticity from the artist.

Artwork Size Artwork Medium Artwork Edition
18 x 12 inch Archival Canvas/Matte Paper Open Edition Pigment Print (Unsigned)
30 x 20-inch Archival Canvas/Matte Paper Limited Edition Pigment Print of 50 (Hand-signed and Numbered)
45 x 30-inch Archival Canvas/Matte Paper Limited Edition Pigment Print of 20 (Hand-signed and Numbered)

We do leave sufficient space around the artwork for matting and framing. The border around the picture also makes the handling easy. So the actual print size is larger than what we mentioned above. For example, you will receive a 32×22 inch print when you order 30×20 inch print. In other words, it has a 1-inch border around the artwork.


We Cover Your Limited Edition Prints with Special Warranties

When an artwork leaves our studio, it is less about all the challenge that goes into making it a fine piece of artwork, and more about who owns it for his lifelong enjoyment, and how he communicates with it that affects his daily life. We believe that the moment a print is made and collected, it is not the end of the process rather the beginning of its actual life that requires nourishment. So it is imperative for us that we protect your investment with our unique and special warranties.

[accordion][pane title=”30 Days Money-Back Guarantee”]

Choosing an artwork doesn’t have to be difficult for you. We understand the limitations of digital display devices and digital reproduction of the artwork. Digital artwork cannot tell you the whole story and can never get you to the essence of the artwork.

A high-quality pigment print contains far more details and resolution than any display on the planet. You may want to see it in person before you finalize your decision rather than depending solely on the digital image of the original artwork. Because our goal is to make you satisfied with your investment.

We highly recommend that you order the smallest size available for experimental purposes, which you can always exchange with a larger one within 30 days of receiving the artwork. Because large-size artworks are difficult to handle, and we do not accept any return of a damaged artwork. However, we do take responsibility if the artwork gets damaged in transit, and you receive a damaged package. Please read our return policy for more information.

[/pane][pane title=”Lifetime Fade-Resistant Warranty”]

We use fade-resistant pigment inks and acid-free and lignin-free museum grade archival canvas or matte paper for our limited edition artworks. According to Wilhelm Imaging Research and HP Image Permanence Lab, it has an archival rating of 200+ years. If the colors and tones of the artwork fade, we will replace it after the necessary testings.

The owner must meet some conditions and follow the guidelines as it is mentioned in the technical specification to enjoy this lifetime fade-resistant warranty. One must not display the artwork in direct sunlight or keep it in a damped place. If we find that the owner didn’t keep it away from sunlight and a damped environment, we’ll send you back the artwork. Please read our return policy for more information.


For the sake of clarity, please remember the 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee is related to your purchases. It’s a kind of satisfaction guarantee. It is to deliver you the piece you love. On the other hand, the Lifetime Fade-Resistant Warranty is security for your investment. Exchange and refunds are only available with 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee where the Lifetime Fade-Resistant Warranty replaces it with a fresh copy of the same artwork.


We Ship Your Artworks with Ultimate Damage Protection

To ensure maximum protection, we ship our artworks rolled inside a protective PVC tube that can withstand rough handling during the delivery process. Nevertheless, we’re ready to accept your return if you receive a damaged package. Please read our FAQs to learn what you need to do when you receive a damaged artwork.

We also share the necessary tracking details with our collectors when the shipment awaits a pickup. So they can track the movement from time to time until they receive it at their door. We send the tracking number and the link via email. The tracking details are also available with the order details in their account dashboard.

Weight N/A

18" x 12", 30" x 20", 45" x 30"


Canvas, Matte Paper


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