Wild Flower – Black & White Floral Photography Artwork in Limited Edition Pigment Prints (Matte Paper)

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Wild Flower is a black and white photography artwork by Alakesh Ghosh. Large 45″ x 30″ limited edition prints on fine art matte paper is available for sale. Buy unique wall art and create a space that is warm, intimate, and inviting.

  • Museum grade archival pigment prints that hold rich tone, color, and contrast.
  • Wide range of print sizes to fit into your available room space.
  • Unframed artworks; that can be customized to match the style of your decor.
  • Each art photo print is curated and carefully inspected by the artist himself.
  • We offer a lifetime fade-free warranty for pigment prints of all available print sizes.
  • Authenticity and warranty certificates are included only for limited edition prints.
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Sold By: Alakesh Ghosh
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Artwork Description

Wild Flower is a black and white photography artwork by Alakesh Ghosh. Fine art, since it stands for its beauty and elegance it gives you a timeless experience. What separates it from other kinds of artworks is the meticulous and thoughtful execution of the artist. Apart from making it a factual representation of the real-life scene the artist goes further to incorporate all the emotions and sensory perceptions that went into his experience at the moment of capture.

Wild Flower - Black & White Floral Photography Artwork by Alakesh Ghosh. The Artwork is Available in Limited Edition Pigment Prints (Matte Paper)
Wild Flower – Black & White Floral Photography Artwork by Alakesh Ghosh. The Artwork is Available in Limited Edition Pigment Prints (Matte Paper)

The creation of such artworks often takes weeks or even months; from finding a feasible scene to the final print. Thus when presented, the print of the artwork no longer remains a flat sheet of paper or canvas. Rather it becomes a window to the world allowing you to relive the experience and discover its beauty.

Pigment Prints Made with High-Quality Archival Materials

All of our pigment prints are made with top-quality archival materials. We print the artwork on acid-free and lignin-free museum grade archival canvas or fine art matte paper using a high-end pigment-based inkjet printer to ensure its premium quality and long life. These combinations of archival mediums, archival pigment inks, and printing technology help us produce the desired contrast, rich tone and vivid colors that instantly create a drama in your interior.

Print Specification

Weight253.00 g
Dimensions45 × 0.1 × 30 in

45" x 30"


Matte Paper

Open and Limited Edition Photography Prints Size Comparison

Whether you are collecting wall art prints to decorate your home or office interiors we have a wide range of print sizes available for you. We offer smaller size open edition prints and special large limited edition prints for our collectors.

The following table lists all the details about the different sizes of the artworks, artwork medium, and artwork edition. The size of the artwork referrers to the image area. The specific number in an edition referrers to the number of prints the artist has promised to make available for the art collectors. All the limited edition prints are hand-signed and numbered by the artist himself along with a certificate of authenticity.

Artwork SizeArtwork MediumArtwork Edition
45 x 30-inch Pigment PrintArchival Matte PaperLimited Edition Prints of 20

The table lists all the variations of prints we offer. The availability of these artworks depends on the availability of the edition. If all the prints─the promised quantity─of a limited edition collection is already collected you will no longer see an option to select it from the dropdown menu. You can choose other print sizes and print media if that still remains available.

We Cover Your Open and Limited Edition Collection with Special Warranties

When an artwork leaves our studio it is less about all the challenge that goes in making it a fine piece of artwork and more about who owns it for his lifelong enjoyment and how he communicates with it that affects his daily life. We believe that the moment a print is made and collected it is not the end of the process rather the beginning of its actual life that requires nourishment. So it is imperative for us that we protect your investment with our unique and special warranties.

Lifetime Fade-free Warranty: This artwork is printed on fade-free museum grade archival mediums and inks designed to protect your investment. If the colors and tones of your artwork fade we will replace it on approval. In this case, you must not display the artwork in direct sunlight or keep it in a damped place. Once we approve your return then all you need to do is to ship the artwork back to us and we will ship you a new one. You may want to look at our return policy.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee: Choosing an artwork can be intimidating for some who usually don't do it. And we know from experience that the online store cannot tell you the whole story; often very little of what it actually is. You as a collector must see it in person before you finalize your decision rather than depending solely on the digital image of the original artwork. We want you to be totally satisfied with your investment. You must want to know more about our return policy.

We Ship and Deliver Your Photography Artworks with Ultimate Damage Protection

To ensure maximum protection we will ship your collected prints rolled inside a protective PVC tube. So that the prints do not get crushed during the delivery process. You can also track your artwork while it is in transit. We will provide all the necessary tracking info. To track your shipment you must log in into your account dashboard then navigate to your orders tab. You will find the shipping details inside your order details.


The true quality of an archival pigment print cannot be judged on the web. It must be experienced in person. As the name suggests 'Product Image' is not the product itself. Product images are only for display and informational purposes to convey some ideas about the product; which is merely a digital reproduction of the original artwork for web usages.

The actual product size and weight may vary from what is shown in the display images or descriptions. The final product may also vary slightly in color from the product image for the differences between printing and proofing methods and for the different interpolation algorithms display and printing technology used to render the image.

Since these things may concern you we protect you with a 100% money-back guarantee in order for you to see it in person ─ to learn about the original artwork that is far superior in its quality than what's reproduced for web usages ─ and still be able to make your decision whether to keep, exchange or return it to us if that fails to satisfy your need. You may want to learn more about our return policy to avail yourself of those facilities.


Museum grade archival media and pigment inks are known for their long life. But they must be kept away from direct sunlight and damp places and must not be hanged on damped walls.

If kept under favorable conditions and not tampered with or damaged, it is expected to last without noticeable fading or discoloration for up to its specified life. We won't cover any of our stated lifetime fade-free warranty if the artwork gets damaged for keeping it under rough conditions and mishandling.


The sole copyright of the original artwork is retained by the artist. Any unauthorized reproduction violates international copyright law.


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