Understanding Bit Depth, Color Depth, and Color Gamut

If the fineness of an image is your concern consider some time understanding bit-depth, color depth, and color gamut. So that you know what happens to an image while you make an edit, how much it can tolerate and how far you can go with certain types of files.

Although it may sound very technical the ideas behind bit depth, color depth, and color gamut are fairly simple. Here you can learn how they contribute to the quality of your image.… Read More

The Fundamentals of Color Theory

Color is one of the main components of light besides its angle and intensity. Color exists because of light; where there is no light, there is no color. We see colors because light waves strike an object and they are reflected back into our eye. Some of the light waves are absorbed by the object and some of them are reflected back which determines the color of the object. What makes this subject more complex is not the science of color rather the our perception of color. Additionally, digital imaging technologies introduce other problems since digital cameras, scanners, monitors and printers do not handle color in the same way. It’s imperative that you must understand how computer and you see color, to obtain or maintain consistency. Besides, technical accuracy, developing an eye for color will also help you to make more creative decisions.… Read More