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Creative Image Editing with Adobe Photoshop

No wonder, Photoshop is everyone’s favorite software application when it comes to creating, editing, and manipulating digital photographs or scanned pictures. But it’s huge; what scares a lot many people. It’s numerous tools and tons of functions can easily intimidate and overwhelm any beginner. Because it an editing application designed not just for photographers, but many other professionals; for their specific need other than photography.

Unlike Lightroom, it doesn’t have any built-in streamlined editing workflow. So an amateur doesn’t know where to begin from and where to stop. Only a professional of the same industry can tell you the dos and don’ts and the best practices for that domain. Otherwise, the application doesn’t limit you to anything.

This limitlessness can be great trouble than an opportunity. Because it is easier to destroy an image with Photoshop than to improve it unless handled properly. Yet a thoughtful and balanced execution is a must.

Comparing different stages of creative image editing workflow using Adobe Lightroom─or Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) as an alternative to Lightroom─and Adobe Photoshop.
Image Title: Bhagirathi Sisters, Gangotri National Park, Uttrakhand, India. Exposure Settings: Aperture – f/11, Shutter Speed – 1/250 sec, ISO 100, Focal Length – 73mm (Tripod Used). In the above example, you can view the different stages of creative image editing workflow using Adobe Lightroom─or Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) as an alternative to Lightroom─and Adobe Photoshop.

Since we belong to the photography industry this Photoshop training course is specifically designed for serious digital photographers. If you’re a hobbyist or a professional who still doesn’t feel confident with his editing skills this Photoshop course is designed for you and it covers everything you need to know.


Why Adobe Photoshop?

Learning how to analyze and edit an image takes time and effort. If you invest your time and effort in any editing application other than Photoshop which may not survive in the next few years can cost you a lot. Then you may not find the same level of enthusiasm to join a new training program to satisfy your imaging needs.

There were many other editing software which came along Photoshop. But none of them could withstand the ever-changing requirements of the digital artists and photography industry. Photoshop is the only software application which is dominating the market since it launched. As a matter of fact, the name Photoshop is so popular that people use it as a verb in their daily conversation.

As a photographer what you ultimately want to achieve is quality. Although there are countless applications which can produce different visual effects none of them are as good as Photoshop.

  • Precise Control, Power, Versatility, and Flexibility
  • Best Image Editing Application in the Market
  • Raw Processing with Adobe Camera Raw or ACR
  • Seamless Integration with Adobe Lightroom
  • Seamless Integration with Third-party Plugins and Extensions
  • Supports Different File Formats and Color Profiles
  • Allows You to Work with Vectors with Raster Images
  • Advanced Automation and Batch Processing Functions

Course Duration

Photoshop itself is an ocean; where it is easy to get lost. So unlike workshop, it is a comprehensive training program and I had to make sure that I covered everything a pro photographer needs to know and I ended up with a huge list of chapters and sub-chapters; which I will discuss and demonstrate in detail.

We require 30 sessions to finish this Photoshop training course. Which is usually held once a week for 2 hours. Time and day for each session can only be decided after confirming the availability of the course.

Please make sure that you can free yourself for 30 consecutive weeks from your other engagements before enrolling this course.

Note: Since our intention is to make you finish the course we may provide additional sessions for slow learners in special conditions without charging any extra fees for those additional classes.


Mode of Conduct

We offer this course to individuals in small groups. Students interested to learn in person has to come to the location where we conduct this Photoshop training now which is at Polempur, Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal, India, 713103.


Course Fees, Payments & Refunds

The total fee for this training program is Rs. 16,000 which you can pay at once or on a monthly basis in the following manner.

Payment Schemes for New Participants

The following schemes apply to the participants who never enrolled in any of our other training programs previously.

One Time PaymentsMonthly Payments
Pay at the time of joining the training program.Pay every month in advance.
Enjoy a 12.5% discount on one-time payment.We’ve no discount available for this payment scheme.
Total amount to be paid is ₹ 14,000.Amount to be paid each month is ₹ 2,666.
You save ₹ 2,000.Total amount to be paid ₹ 16,000.

Payment Scheme for Returning Participants

The following payment schemes apply to the participants who previously enrolled in one or more training programs offered by Minhajul Haque.

One Time PaymentMonthly Payment
Pay at the time of joining the training program.Pay every month in advance.
Enjoy a 20% discount on one-time payment.Enjoy 12.5% discount on the monthly payment.
Total amount to be paid ₹ 12,800.Amount to be paid each month ₹ 2,333. Total amount to be paid is ₹ 14,000.
You save ₹ 3,200.You save ₹ 2,000.

We Make Sure You Get What You Invested For

In case you’re unsatisfied or find that this training will not help you reach your retouching and editing goals we will gladly refund all your investment in this training program. So we allow each participant to take an entire month of training to decide whether it is the right Photoshop training course for them. Then if you decide to quit the training you can do so without spending any money on it. We’ll refund the entire amount you invested in it.

Terms & Conditions: All participants are eligible for a refund only within the first 30 days of joining the training program.


Course Bonus

We will grant you lifetime access to our online community forums. Where you will be able to discuss topics and ask questions even after you’ve finished the course.


Course Registration

If you’re interested to join our advanced Photoshop training course please contact us. Or if you still have any question type it in the comments below. We’ll be sure to follow up with you.

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